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  • What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is an approach to medical care that includes a deep dive into your history, symptoms, and timeline of symptom onset in an effort to understand the root cause of your symptoms or illness. Functional Medicine also uses a systems based biology approach, rather than an organ based illness approach; this allows us to evaluate your condition from a broader and more integrated holistic physical perspective. Additionally, Functional Medicine may utilize lifestyle, nutrition, supplements or herbs, as well as medications in order to heal or manage a medical condition, rather than medication alone. 

  • What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is a monthly fee based model of healthcare membership, which helps to reduce the cost of healthcare visits and allows for more time with your provider. Our model uses a 90 minute new patient visit,  60 minute follow-up visits and 30 minute acute/urgent illness based visits. Monthly visits are unlimited and covered by the monthly fee. Also, pricing for anything not covered by the monthly membership fee is transparent and discussed up front. The Direct Primary Care membership includes an annual physical/well woman exam with routine labs, annual pap smear, and unlimited monthly visits as well as use of our Far Infrared Sauna or PEMF mat once monthly at no extra charge, and lower cost imaging when needed. 

Direct Primary Care fees:

One time Registration fee: $49 per member

Monthly fee 12-18 years old: $89

Monthly fee 18-40 years old: $109

Monthly fee 41-older: $129

If you have health insurance that is high deductible, Direct Primary Care is a perfect alternative to paying out of pocket for non covered services at your traditional medical office; the cost for our monthly fee is significantly lower than most medical office visit fees, and you can utilize unlimited monthly visits which helps save a significant amount. Additionally, you can use your health insurance for laboratory cost coverage, imaging and other testing as indicated. 

  • Do you take insurance for services? 

No. We do not bill insurance for office visits, IV services or other in office treatments. We can provide a superbill to submit for possible out of network reimbursement that you may submit as desired. We highly recommend you speak with your insurance carrier directly if you have questions about your coverage. We CAN bill insurance for laboratory services that recommended; these may or may not be completely covered by your insurer; please check with your insurance prior to making an appointment or prior to making decisions about testing. 

  • How do I become a new patient?

Please call our office at 303-210-6843 to schedule your new patient appointment. At this time, we are NOT accepting new patients for Functional Medicine services or hormone support based services as Stefany is not taking new patients at this time. However, we are accepting all other new types of patients. Once scheduled, we will send an electronic patient portal invite one week before your visit, with a thorough health history and consents to be completed by at least 24 hours prior to your initial visit. If you are uncomfortable completing our forms and consents electronically, please call the office and we can send you paper forms to be completed instead. If there are records that need to be sent ahead of your visit, please either ask for a Medical Records Release Form from our office that we can send to other providers on your behalf, or if you have results or records that you would like to include for us to review, please attach these within the patient portal at, go to Messages, and upload any documents needed directly to your medical chart. 

  • Do you provide laboratory draw services, and Functional Medicine Testing services?

Yes! Please call our office at 303-210-6843 to schedule a blood draw as appropriate. We also offer a variety of integrative laboratory testing options from Genova Diagnostics, DUTCH labs, Precision Point Diagnostics, Igenex, Access Labs, Nutrition Genome, Invitae, Genomind, Great Plains Laboratory/Mosaic Labs, Real Time Labs, Vibrant America Lab, Doctor's Data, and more. We do NOT promote the practice of upcharging for laboratory evaluation and will provide the costs of any integrative testing indicated up front. 

  • Do you provide Emergency or After Hours Services?

No; we do not provide after hours care or an on call physician or Nurse Practitioner. We recommend if you are experiencing a medical or mental health emergency to be seen at the Emergency Room or Urgent Care facility closest to you as needed. If you are ill after hours, please go to your nearest Urgent Care or Emergency Room. If your medical issue is mild in nature, you may send a message through the patient portal an one of our providers will respond within 24-48 hours to your question/symptoms. 

  • Do you provide Telemedicine Services?

Yes! We provide Telehealth services as needed via a secure ZOOM link. Telemedicine services are billed at the same rate as in person visits, and are billed via a credit card that is maintained on file through our secure Quickbooks platform. We no longer invoice for services after your visit.  

  • Can I send emails or messages to your office?

Yes; we request that the following be kept in mind with regard to electronic communications:

1. Email is NOT HIPPA secure, so any medically sensitive questions or information should be sent through our patient portal at

2. Appointment requests, prescription refill requests and time sensitive requests should either be requested by calling our office at 303-210-6843, or via the patient portal at

3. If you have a lengthy medical question and are sending this via email or the portal, please note that we reserve the right to request you make an appointment to review your questions; however, we are happy to address follow-up questions after a visit or brief requests in between visits via portal message, preferably. If the request you are making electronically for medical advice or support takes more than 15 minutes to respond to, requires records research or a thorough laboratory result review, please note there is a charge incurred at our regular office rate (prorated) which we will bill to your credit card on file. If you have any questions about this, PLEASE call us and ask! 

4. Please note it typically takes 24-48 hours to respond to a portal message and it can take up to 7 days to respond to an email message. 

  • How can I get a medication refill?

Please first ask for a refill via your pharmacy; you can do this by calling or electronically requesting refills directly with your pharmacy. If you no longer have refills on your prescription, the pharmacy will alert us that a refill is needed. Please note that it can take up to 72 hours to process a medication refill. If the prescription is a controlled substance, please call our office to request the refill and we will do our best to refill your medication within 72 hours. If the medication is a compounded medication, PLEASE do not wait until the last minute to refill your medications; compounding pharmacies custom create your prescription and in many cases need 1-2 weeks to refill your medications. Please do not email us for medication refills. 

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